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Videos by Sam:

Videos Of Sam

This was my test video.

This is my…other test video


Videos Of Callum

The Fun Life Of Callum Carlile

The Spaz Attack

The Fall

Callum In The Limelight!

And Callum Goes Ow

Videos Of Sam & Callum

How To Be Good At Basketball

Videos Of Sam & Jake

How To Cheat In Basketball

Vidoes Of Sam & Maundy

How To Be Bully

 More to come!


13 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Hanna Rules x said

    John? haha lol funnii!

  2. Rachel =) said

    Y did u chose 2 say John and not pie or something!? Lol! I guess u were feeling very random when u made that video!

  3. Rachel =) said

    By the way. I have just realised that u haven’t put the clocks forward 1 hour yet on ur website yet! U see it’s actually 10:45 but on the website it will come up with 9:45! Lol! Soz!

  4. martha said

    i like the videos
    random… but very, very funii

  5. si said

    the basketball one is the best

  6. si said

    but the john 1 is sik tooo

  7. si said

    either way there both hilarious

  8. simon hack W00T!!! said

    the last 1 is cool & sik & really gd …… and where was i again

    oh yea but its not very original

  9. amel said

    omg callum yhu sound like a baby wen yhur on da floor
    Amy wats dat abowt pretty funny tho !!
    i dnt think callum shuldve been da nerd!!
    bloopers r soo funy!!
    the shooting star ??
    the fallback ??
    the overhead ??
    the wraparound ??
    the nerd ?? ( funny )

  10. si said

    yes lol

  11. Georgiaisbessht said

    In all thee basket ball ones there is winny the poo hanging off lyk a wall oor summin :s x

  12. BETh x x x x said

    hee hee i lyk da basketball 1 as well callum is v.funny in dat one but sam still rox my sox as georgie would put it X :):p 😀

  13. Rachel =) said

    these videos show that u hav 2 much time on ur hands! Lol Jokez. They r very funny (and random) tho. 😀

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