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Hall Of Fame

This page is for all the legends of all our site.

Creators: Cazza And Sam

First Commenter: Esther Macnamara (gr8 webbie guys! how cum i am not on the friends thingy, i am so rubbish i should be mentioned on no1’s website lol! not really, well maybe, cos i am rubbish…)

First Normal Commenter: Simon Hack (why didn’t u say my name on ur website IDIOTS!!!love simon xxxxxxxxx

First Teacher Commenter: Miss Bray (how dare you make a website without a teachers permission! you will each recieve an inclusion slip regards Mrs Bray)

First Cartoon Commenter: Super Mario (Lol)

First Random Comment: Simon Hack  (DWEEBS)

Busiest month: June – 801

Most hits in one day: 114 —Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On the 15th week of our wbesite being out, we got a total of 15% of our current views. No joke!

Total comments: 388

100th commenter: Simon Hack (will smith dont fanc kiaya unless im missing summin here)

200th commenter: Georgiaisbessht (Yo momma’s so fat when she went in the ocean water the whales started singing: “we are family”)

300th commenter: Si (that is the q.)

400th commenter: Simon Hack (i love georgia)

100th commenter on the Commenting Page: Simon Hack (i am married to four people  1st husband…..sam  2nd husband…..rob  1st wife…..geesh  2nd wife…..kiaya)


14 Responses to “Hall Of Fame”

  1. simon hack W00T!!! said

    cool im mentioned twice woohooo

  2. simon hack W00T!!! said

    make the number of comments 224

  3. simon hack W00T!!! said

    u should also do the most luv person on ‘who fancies who’

  4. Lana said

    I think I did the 300th Comment…

  5. si said

    haha no i did wayyyy!!!

  6. si said

    btw esther aint a ledgend

  7. Rachel =) said

    niether r u

  8. BETh x x x x said

    i think simon is a legend so dus georgia and geesh and rob and waddle

  9. BETh x x x x said

    i also think yuuh sgud do da cutest couple on the who fancies who page that wud b cool !

  10. Georgiaisbessht said

    yyay im a legdgennd 😀 😀 😀 x

  11. zoe said

    i wanna b on there

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