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General Life

Basically, this is the story of Cazzas and Sam’s life…

It started off at the beginning; 1324, October 19th. I dont know why i put that down but I just realised its an even number. SO as I was saying, me and callum are best matey wateys and its surprising to say we didnt even know each other in Year 4…(Were in Year 7 now…at least I think so). So one day we got bored and decided to make a website about randomness. So alas, in the same night, we ate some ice-cream, played table tennis, went fishing, went to the golf course to spend some book tokens and then milked a big, blue cow called Borris! we then realised he was only a man and it wasn’t  the udders we were squeezing… lets just leave it at that!


Boris Cowson


16 Responses to “General Life”

  1. zoe said

    Hi sam an caz gr8 website

  2. Esther and Rachel said

    Esther says: the magical suprise thingy was bloody torcher but really funny! Gr8 webbie people 😀

    Rachel says: Sorry about Esther’s foul language!Lol!That magical surprise was sooo funny!Esther and I couldn’t stop laughing!Lol!Cool website! 🙂

    Esther says: my language is not that foul. anyway, the borris cowson thing was veeeeeery weird (u people have sick minds).

    Rachel says: I now it isn’t that foul but who cares!?

    Our rating!: SEVERN (and a third of three quarters :s)!! (out of 10)

  3. Amel xx said

    ewwwwwwwwwww let me just say ..
    kwl story thoo

  4. simon hack W00T!!! said

    i love milking but i dont no wat i would want to milk?

  5. Holz xx said

    I have an idea milk urself

  6. Rob said

    lol that is 1 of the funniest things eva u guys rock coc!
    Thanks rob! ~Sam

  7. geesh rox my sox babyy=p said

    lolll. tht boriss ting was soo funnii, but vair wrong…and borris looks like an older eamon ewwww!!
    ur website roxxx

  8. Hanna Rules x said

    Eww! lol but funnii!

    Wat is up with Borris’s body lol!

  9. Issy said

    lolz peeps. btw hopin 2 join u all at heathside soon luvin allz of u!


    THAT is discusting now i thought science today was YUCK btw who da HEll is Issy ?????

  11. Holz xx said

    I think its anna frend n simons gurf!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Georgia's da bessht said

    so funny
    i lyk this sitee
    Bravo bravo
    i alaud ur randomness
    SAM 4 LANA

  13. Georgia's da bessht said

    *aplaud your randomness

  14. Rachel =) said

    OMG. The translation thing on the side of da page actually work! Strange…….

  15. Rachel =) said

    sorry. that last comment was randomzzzz

  16. BETh x x x x said

    i luv this website u guys are so cool and funny even my 8 yr old brother always comes eveytime he is on the computer aniway sometimes he leaves comments as me but they are not from me but from him gt tht X

    LUV YUUH GUYS XXXX (and rob)

    Beth XXXX 🙂 😛 😀

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