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Crazy Comebacks

Comeback No.1

Other guy: (Insert your favourite football team here) sucks!

You: You suck

Comeback No.2

You: So how was your holiday in Hawaii?

Other guy: Oh, it was rubbish, and it rained everday.

If you think theyre being sarcastic, then say:

I think your being sarcastic/I dont think you mean that

Comeback No.3

Other guy: Hey, wheres the toilet?

You: Your a toilet

Comeback No.4

You: Whenever I called you a girl, I shouldnt have, and Im really sorry.

Other guy: But Sam/Callum/The Queen/, I am a girl.

You: Aw c’mon, dont be too hard on yourself.

 We apologise if this comeback offends you.

Comeback No.5

Other guy: I cant think of any other comebacks

You: Ya mums a comeback

Other guy: Thats a great one.

Comeback No.6

Other guy: Omg I suck at this game!

You: So do you.

Comeback No.7

You: Your mega annoying

Other guy: And…?

You: And Im not.

Guy: Your comebacks suck

You: Your comebacks suck

More to come!!!



9 Responses to “Crazy Comebacks”

  1. si said

    heres one…

    jack ward: john, ur such a baby

    nerdy guy: well..well… ur such a foetus

    jack ward well…well…ur such a zygole

    nerdy guy:ur such a atom……………………..somebody got served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Holz xx said

    Simon ur such a dwoob!!!!
    wat that isnt even funniiiiiiii
    well actually it is so bad its funniii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  3. wRLPQ6 xvciiawsulzu, [url=]rxzblckdkehf[/url], [link=]ittigjkdphqu[/link],

  4. Rachel =) said

    some of those comebacks weren’t very offensive………………but oh well!

  5. Rachel =) said

    i got a comeback:
    if sum1 asks u :”Y is ur ……(eg hair or clothes) so messed up?”
    u answer “Y is ur face so messed up!?”

  6. Rachel =) said


  7. Rachel =) said

    i’m not so good at making comebacks…

  8. Rachel =) said


  9. BETh x x x x x :) said

    okay i got 1 ….

    … nah i havent x

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