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Commenting Contest(s)

Well, on the 1st Friday of every month, there will be a commenting contest. To enter, all you have  to do is say your name in a comment here, because if you dont, your comments for the contest WILL NOT COUNT.  The prize is that if you comment the most on the commenting post (will be posted every commenting contest Friday) you will get a whole page about yourself. Of course we wont put anything on your page that your not happy with, we will ask you for the stuff you want on your page or not. Also, the winner will have to supply a picure of them or we can do that for them. Happy commenting! And remember to register!

Simon H

Rachel D

Geesh G

Hanna W


Lucy C



13 Responses to “Commenting Contest(s)”

  1. si said

    hi im simon or simno

  2. Rachel =) said

    This website is RANDOM but funny! Looool! Ummm…….Yerr……

    Bye! =)

  3. Rachel =) said

    Hi again!

    Didn’t know u had 2 write ur name in the comment so am writing again! I’m Rachel! There we go! Loool!

    This website is RANDOM but funny! Looool

    Bye! =)

  4. geesh rox my sox babyy=p said

    hi this is geesh or geeshani , but obviously u knew tht, i mean, who doesnt?!
    u guys rockk! xx

  5. Hanna.x said

    Hanna! hehe

  6. amel said

    hu’z lucy c ??

  7. Sam xD said

    Cazzas sis

  8. Holz xx said

    God Amel u dont no hu lucy c is !!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeeeeeeesh woman
    Hi peeps random webby page but oh WELL!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh BTW my name is Holly!!!!

  9. Georgia's da bessht said

    My namee is Bob,
    fooled ya
    Georgia 🙂

  10. Lana said

    Hey! I’m Lana. :p

  11. BETh x x x x said

    im beth as yuuh can tell by my name ‘DUH’ 🙂 lol x x x x x x 😛

  12. zoe said

    Im ZOE!!! x

  13. Claudii said

    Claudi Wan (:

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