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Amel: 4th September

Callum: 6th November

Geeshani: 15th December

Hanna: 24th March 

Kanyon Tango Geesh Sam Rob Callum Joe Simmons Kiaya Toby Harry hack

Kurt: 3rd September

Martha: 4th August

Ollie G: 28th December

Ollie S.: 30th December 

Sam: 16th October

Simon: 9th May

Will: 1st August

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32 Responses to “Birthdays”

  1. martha said

    mine is 4th of august

  2. geesh says break da pickle,, tickle tickle said

    dec 15th.. and dont 4 get it

  3. Hanna.x said

    Hanna … 24 th March << best daii evaa x

  4. Sam xD said



    UMMM ME B-day is on the umm 23nd of March DA BEST DAY OF DA YEAR LAAAAAAAAAAAAAA neehee kk luv u x

  6. amel said

    im like da oldest but kurt is 1 day oldaa
    put kurt 3rd september

  7. si said

    my gecko is on the 30th march

    his name is kanyon tango geesh sam rob callum joe simmons kiaya toby harry hack

    now thats a mouthfull :p

  8. Rachel =) said

    Mine is on the 28th February!!!!!! Woot! That day rox! Lol!
    Simon…….u hav a strange taste in Gecko names………….or could u just not decide what 2 call it…….oh well…….

  9. Lana said

    WAT UP! Mine is father’s day 21st June
    Farzana’s is 24th July.
    BTW. check the board in science tommoz!!!!! IT WAS MEEEEEEEEEEEEE WHO WRITE OVER IT! LOL 😆


  10. Lana said


  11. Holz xx said

    mine is da 16th november woooot!!!!!!!!!
    Ur Gecko is sooooooooooo cute Simon!!!!!
    Well if Geckos can be cute dat is!!!!!Lol!!!!!!!!!

  12. BETh x x x x said

    OMG mine is the 23 rd of march almost the best day of the year my fly has a better nam than ur geko simon ! mwah haha

    it is billybob bill dean sophie clive bobby scamooshe shaca shaca waters

    HA bEAt That

  13. simon hack W00T!!! said

    tht is the crappest name ever and my gecko is sooo much cuter than ur gay fly

    • BETh x x x x said

      yer well my dog is cuter than ur gecko simon his name is basil he is SO CUTE AWWW bless … I LUV ROB OMG

  14. ?????????? said

    Sam babe, I love you forever. You might never know me, but I will fancy you 4ever!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. ?????? said

    I can’t wait until valentines to tell you how much you mean 2 me. Urs 4eva, ?????? xxxxxxxxxx

  16. si said

    i was right rachel 4 sam

  17. BILLL said


  18. Rachel =) said

    i didn’t write that!

  19. Georgiaisbessht said

    22nd of november 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Lana said

    MY SITE (the ‘secret one’) ALMOST HAS 10,000 HITS!
    I will add any1 2 my blogroll, just find the addy then comment requesting 2 b added.
    I could get u all 1000s of hits 😀

    • Lana said

      BTW. I did not write tht comment tht Beth sed I did.
      I don’t go round and brodcast who I like. I’ve fanc ed 10+ ppl + no1 found out most of them- (I think)

  21. Lana said

    JOKE! Who would fancy 10 ppl in 12 years? only 4 I can remeber

  22. BETh x x x x said

    i have fancies 10 peepz in 12 years probably more than that …. who wouldnt !!! xxx x 🙂 😀

  23. Hannaa x said

    24th Marchh

    best day everr x

  24. zoe said

    12th of november

  25. KLC said

    4th may

  26. Claudii said

    3rd August [:

  27. Claudi said

    3rd Augustt [:

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